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Website Design

When I design a site for a client, I take many things into consideration during the planning stages. There has to be solid, detailed work put into the planning of a site, or the final result will reflect the effort of both parties.

The Planning Stage

I have seperated the Planning Stages into two sections. The first section is the "client foundation" - the client must complete this. The second section is the "planning foundation outline” and it is for Websites & More. We begin this planning the day we receive a deposit from the client, and sometimes before especially if you already have an account with us. However, we must begin this stage of planning to give the client an accurate estimate for the project as a whole as soon as possible.

Client Foundation - (The Client)
  1. The client must gather and organize all material from their company or organization that they would like included in the initial website. The content provided to us must be unique content or that you have permission to use that content.
  2. Logos, Literature, brochures, company color schemes,etc..
  3. Important documents you would like included. (electronic format preferred)
  4. List of 10 search engine keywords/phrases that are important for your business/organization (I will use these in developing your site for seo purposes)
  5. Your wish list: list of functions/ideas you would like your site to have. I will work with you if you do not know what you need.
  6. Gather all of the above information and get it to me as soon as you can. Once development has begun, you will be provided with a construction link where you can watch the construction of your site. This is the time where you can request changes be made to the layout. When I am in need of specific information from you, I will send you an email or call you to remind you to send me the information. Most sites can be developed in 2-3 weeks time, providing you supply me with all the information that I need.

Planning Foundation Outline - (Websites & More)
  1. Once a deposit on account is received – the actual work and further planning begins. The base price to have me develop a website for you is approximately $1,800.00. This price will increase for much larger sites, e-commerce sites or sites with requests that require extended programming beyond what is initially agreed upon.
  2. If the project is a site redesign we have somewhere to start and greatly improve upon. If not, then we have to wait until the client is done with the "Client Foundation" stage of the initial planning as stated above before we can completely finalize the design and layout of the site. However, there are things I can do in the meantime. I can buy the domain name, setup hosting, setup email accounts, help you setup your new email accounts on all of your devices, etc..
  3. Then I can move on to your logo and site branding. If you do not have a logo, I can design one for you. Logo design is not my specialty but I will include it in the design of your website if you do not have one.

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